Cleaning And Maintenance Ceramic Tile Flooring

Among the types of floor covering material , ceramic tile flooring are probably the most many kinds of material . Variations sizes , from small to large panels , color , pattern , and texture . There are manufacturers who offer ceramics that resemble natural materials , makes you more freely make a choice. The designers also take advantage of the diversity of ceramic tiles flooring by creating a variety of styles and themes that are not limited . Now , grout or filler grout between the ceramic is also available in different colors , which indirectly beautify the look of tile floors.

Ceramic tile flooring are available in mass produced glosy and matte finishing . Choose according to your tastes and needs . As a guideline , glossy ceramics easier to clean , so it is suitable for the kitchen floor. But here epoxy garage floor bay area. Meanwhile , more matte ceramic according to risk areas exposed to water , such as the bathroom floor , patio , or carport.

Interestingly , this time the outskirts of ceramic tile flooring can be cut slightly curved , so that when arranged grout between the ceramic can be made as small as possible . The composition of the ceramics with a small grout can give the impression of a more modern and elegant . In addition to a variety of finishing options , varying forms of ceramics is also the reason why this material are excellent . Not only available in the form of squares or rectangles , manufacturers also issued shaped ceramic triangles, rectangles , diamonds , and others

Ceramic tile flooring technology is now also experiencing rapid development , one of which is a brand new technology . With this technology the quality of the resulting ceramic is also getting better , which is more resistant to load , more scratch resistant and more resistant to stains . Ceramic result of this technology also has advantages in terms of faster installation time . Through a combustion process that reaches a temperature of 121 degrees Celsius , the ceramic produced will have pores that are very small , so the ability is also very low water absorption . Thus , the process of soaking the usual ceramic against conventional ceramic does not have to be done again .

Ceramic tiles care

Clean the ceramic tile flooring with regularly sweep and mop the floor with cleaning fluid. If your tile floors littered already hardened stains, use a brush and nylon. Avoid the use of the brush is too rough, because it can scratch the floor.

For grout is already dirty because moldy, pour the cleaning liquid directly to the stained floor, then let stand for a moment. Use a toothbrush to scrub the dirty grout, new rinse with clean water. We recommend using a mask and make sure air is always flowing in the space of his nat was in the clear, clay tile vs concrete tile roof so that water vapor from harmful cleaners are not inhaled.

Tips usage of ceramics tile flooring :

1. For the exterior, use a textured ceramic tile flooring, which can prevent you from the risk of slipping.

2. Ceramic Glazed textured and is not suitable for exterior areas-for example-are at risk terrace rainwater.

3. For easy maintenance, widely used ceramic flooring for the bathroom.

4. Ceramic tile flooring with patterns and colors like natural stone succeeded in giving the feel warmer to this minimalist space.

5. Mix and match patterns and colors ceramics can create a more attractive appearance.

Excess use of ceramic tile flooring :

• Durable, dependable durability.

• Available in shapes, sizes, colors, patterns, and textures are very diverse

• Maintenance is easy

• Waterproof

• The price offered is diverse, from cheap to expensive

Disadvantages of ceramic usage

• Tend memorable “cold”

• Includes a hard material, making it less comfortable trampled

• Easy to break, either during installation or during transport

• Nat between ceramics are often dirty and difficult to clean

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